Atlas Hybrid

Fallen Trophies
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The ATLAS HYBRID is the next level in Broadhead Technology! This design takes 100 Grain Broadheads to the Next Level of hunting! 

  • Tri-Angled Blades cut in ANY direction, creating Massive Blood Trails and shorter game recovery! Whether the arrow passes through or gets kicked back out, this head continues to damage, bringing down more game for you.
  • Weight-Forward Dynamics produce BONE SHATTERING impacts.  
  • This Unique Blade Design Reinforces the blade Strength and provides greater blade integrity upon impact and contact with bone. Additionally, this design allows the head to catch and enter the target more effectively during those critical “quartering” shots.
  • Over 3-inches of Blade length a 1-inch cutting diameter is what each hunter gains by using this head! The angled design allows you to take full advantage of the total surface area while offering you a DEVASTATING 3.3 inches of total blade length- One of the HIGHEST in the industry!
  • This Combination of Steel & Technology make this broadhead one of the most lethal in your hunting arsenal. The new age design and traditional structure create a head you know you can trust even before you try it.  This Fixed Blade setup ensures this head cuts ON CONTACT: EVERY - SINGLE- TIME! 
  • Built for BIG & Small Game such as Deer, Hogs, Elk, Moose, Brown/Black Bears, Mt. Lions, Goats/Rams, Exotics, Predatory Game, Fur Bearing Mammals etc.
  • Works PERFECT with Compound Bows, Crossbows, Traditional Bows and Compact-bows.
  • Legal in all 50 States! 
  • 3: 100 Grain Broadheads per Pack
  • Find out WHY this broadhead is becoming so popular.


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